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MSCS in a general contracting company in Oman. we ensure that our clients should get the best services available in the company in order to provide customer satisfaction in its fullest mode. we are the first company in Oman to take initiative to use divers to clean under the sea. MSCS team maintains a home look and provides the best-skilled technicians to give you the best service with care. Our high-rise cleaning experts use specialized equipment to access and clean the windows of tall buildings. We have residential pest control services that are tailored to your pest control needs. We will repair or bear the cost of any damage incurred by the company’s workers we assure you of our dedicated attention and service at all times.

Company Established Date

2nd March 2013

Our Best Achievement

  1. In the process of bringing a continuous commitment to quality, modern special cleaning services were involved in clean millennium hotel, in order to pre-opening.
  2. The Hormuz Grand hotel MSCS was the company to put efforts to clean the hotel within 25 days.
  3. MSCS accept the challenge of Qurum Ocean Mall Hotel to clean their entire building’s outdoor glass within a week
  4. It was a bigger achievement for the company to succeed in cleaning and arranging the Ministry of Defense (RAFO) stores within two weeks

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